We see artificial intelligence as this very abstract idea and mysterious powerful thing which are in the hands of experts and top corporate companies instead what we need to understand is that AI is there for all of us to use. The good news is that AI is unusually simple at its core however there are a few unusual characteristics of AI we have to get used to first:-

1. AI is an intuition machine whereby the desktops and laptops we use today are logic machines. You can define intuition as acting based on experience and that’s what AI exactly does, it learns from experience. Now how do they do it? In AI, experience come in the form of Fresh data/Big data/Feedback. When learning, AI acts like a hiker and when the hiker doesn’t have much idea where to go in the vast and steep valley, the hiker takes one small step in the steepest direction towards his destination. In the AI word it means taking a small step after assessing the parameters towards the goal. This is Deep learning or Back propagation.

2. Artificial intelligence is simple but it gets complicated when integrated with the latest technologies and lots of processing power.

3. Thinking fast:-While AI has learned from all the previous data and provides you with the latest predictions what it has not lost is the speed at which it can do this and this is what makes AI truly revolutionary. The combination of speed and intuition is what makes AI so special.

4. AI has already cracked vision and Language skills. With vision robots/AI can act in the real world giving us self driving cars(Tesla).With language they can start interacting with humans and accessing human knowledge. (Siri, Google home,Alexa)

5. However AI is not a magic wand. What you need to know is that you can’t simply buy artificial intelligence from a shop. You can but download almost all naked AI algorithms but these algorithms don’t have any kind of value. What you have to do to make them valuable is to train them on data and that too on loads of data. A little bit like providing experiences to a new born child. AI is not ready made and nurturing is very important to build the intelligence tool itself.

6. What we have to really understand is that machines perform tasks different from humans. AI is not this scary monster and how well you master the above will separate the winners from the losers. The learning process of AI is completely separate from its actions . The learning process takes place in the headquarters or research centers whereas the action takes place in the field.

We humans should not fear AI and whether it will end up taking all our jobs. Instead of fearing them, we have to embrace them and integrate them into our business and society to increase our efficiency as we humans stand on the cusp of the next big Digital revolution arguably since Internet bursted onto the scene about 40 years ago.



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