The future of technology is moving at an absolutely furious rate right now. Every year newer and newer technologies pop up but the one that has real unrivalled potential is Quantum computing.

What is Quantum in computing?

Quantum is nothing but the study of the behavior of sub atomic particles and these sub atomic particles behave in a very peculiar and fascinating way.

For example, the active ingredient in coffee that keep us on our feet is none other than Caffeine. We have to understand simulating the complexity of this caffeine molecule is beyond the power of any super computer.There is a fundamental limitation for the power of super computers we use right now. The implications of this limitation is huge.


Computing with quantum mechanics is dealing with information that is delicate and fragile. With regular computers we process information as bits. In quantum computing information isn’t just binary, it can be 0, it can be 1 or it can be in a super position of 0&1 at the same time. So we have all this additional options for the information it could be 0,1 or anywhere between 0 and 1. We call this information as Quantum Bits or Qubits.

Qubits are usually fickle little beasts and they get easily corrupted by external factors and keeping them balanced on one of their super position states is like balancing an egg on top of the needle.

There are three main physical challenges for creating real quantum computing systems:-

1. Controlability:-We have to have Qubits we can set the positions for.

2. Preservation:-Once we got them set, then it’s preserving and keeping them where we want.

3. Scalability:- Bringing all these Qubits together and start interconnecting them so we can start computing all those difficult molecules.

Qubits are super conducting materials made up of materials that are really cold(-273 degree Celsius,colder than outer space itself to work). The great thing about Q bits is that they run on simple electrical signals giving us controllability and second by being really cold that’s how we get preservation. We have to protect these delicate super position states which gives quantum computing its power. Now,we have to focus our attention onto scalability to realize the true potential of Quantum computing.


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